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Behavioral Healthcare in the Time of Coronavirus

To our valued current

and potential clientele:

Like all of you, we are continuously adjusting our expectations and strategies for operating during the pandemic situation. Our intent is to continue to provide personalized, effective behavioral healthcare to all of our clients, while minimizing the risk of potential spread of the virus.

To this end, we currently have in place the following policies.  Most sessions with clients are currently held by video/telephone, not in person.  However, you and your therapist may decide together, on an individual basis, if you wish to conduct in-person meetings in our office, based on your needs and the comfort level of both parties. If you will be attending in-person meetings in our office, we currently require the following:

1) Remain in your car until the time of the appointment, then meet your therapist at the door to our suite (214).  Your therapist will be ready to let you in.  Please do not sit in our (small) waiting area inside the suite.  If someone is dropping you off for the appointment, there is a main lobby for the building on our same floor, by the north entrance (the one with the big ramp), and you may wait there if necessary.

2) Wear a face mask to the session. If you do not have a face mask, please wear a cloth of some kind (handkerchief, scarf) in front of your mouth and nose (to catch droplets). Your therapist will also be wearing a face mask. 

To read our full Coronavirus Policy, which is periodically updated, please click the link below.

Thank you for your cooperation as we all work together to minimize the spread of disease.