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No Surprises Act

(And "Good Faith Estimate")

The federal government passed a "No Surprises Act" that went into effect 1/1/2022, in an effort to make sure that healthcare recipients are not surprised by what they are charged for services.  In addition to the Billing Consent form that we require you to sign (available when you establish a Client Portal with us), which states all of our fees clearly, you can read about your rights under this new federal act, and can request a "Good Faith Estimate" for your total cost of care if you would like. Currently, this information is relevant only for clients who are paying out-of-pocket for services and are not submitting costs to any health insurance plan. 

Please click the "NSA" button below for important information on the No Surprises Act that you may download if you wish.

Please click the "GFE" button to complete the Good Faith Estimate form online, if you are paying for services out of pocket without any submission to insurance.

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